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“Zandy met and exceeded our expectations at every level of the addition he and his crew added to our home. We would gladly recommend his work for any project.”
Gail Mohrlang

hired Zandy as a General Contractor

“Zandy is completely trustworthy, which is rare in contractors. The foundation of our basement was crumbling and we hired him to shore it up. He did great work. He explained things well and completely and we were very happy with his work.”

Joshua Shulman

hired Zandy as a General Contractor

“Zandy completed our basement remodel faster than we expected and the quality was top notch. He had great suggestions to minimize costs and create a more pleasing space. And his price was half the other bid we got! Would use him again in a hearbeat.”

Gary Duell

hired Zandy as a General Contractor

“I would highly recommend Zandy for any remodel or major home improvements. His work is great and he sticks to his agreed upon estimates. The biggest thing I can say is his schedule. I find it so difficult to find a contrator that can commit to a schedule and then get it done in that amount of time he/she said they would, or even close to the schedule. I hear this over and over from other people and I have experienced too. This is an issue when your house is in upheavel due to construction. With Zandy he said it would be done in 4 weeks, it took 5 and he apologized when it really was amazing all that was done in 5 weeks. There were unforseen delays he could not have known. Other contractors I could only imagine how long it would have taken. Thank you Zandy!”

Adrian Klein

hired Zandy as a General Contractor, and has hired Zandy more than once!

“On The Level Remodeling Company is an excellent company. My kitchen turned out fantastic as well as the other odds and ends that needed to be done. The problems that cropped up (in an old house there is always something unexpected) were solved in a timely manner with a minimum of fuss and cost. Zandy tailored the construction to our families needs. He was able to work around a toddler, a big lovable dog, a tiny feisty ankle-biter of a kitten, and a pregnant lady with excellent humor and professionalism. I recommend On The Level Remodeling Company to anyone with construction needs.”

Elizabeth Buckwalter

hired Zandy as a General Contractor